Americargo Meet has recently concluded its second year of networking success. The event was held last August 23 -25, at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Delegates were thrilled to meet international CEOs and Decision Makers that will help them maximize and develop business.

Americargo Meet serves as a platform for freight forwarders to create partnership and develop business that will help them thrive in the industry.

Photos 1-3: Delegates having their Face 2 face Meeting schedule during the event

Americargo Meet officially opened with a Cocktail Reception at the Chandelier Bar in the evening of the registration (August 23,20015). It was a night filled with fun and our delegates were able to meet other agents who registered during the day

Two days of face-to-face meetings among delegates for freight networking. Participating Networks CLN, WWPC and GFFG also invited their members to join this event.

Delegates had a busy schedule ahead of them; they had several face-to-face meetings to maximize business opportunities

The Sunset Cocktail was one of the highlight of the event. The delegates went to the Eiffel Tower restaurant which is located at the Paris Hotel Las Vegas, where they were able to see a good view of the famous Las Vegas strip. It was a moment filled-out with fun and laughter with free flow of food and booze.

Our venue, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, gave an outstanding food, service and facilities. The people will greet you with a warm smile making our stay a memorable one!

Thank you for attending Americargo Meet! We hope that you have been able to establish some good contacts with other participating forwarders and develop new partnerships that will enable your business to grow further.



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